To deliver our lunch and because:

  • They are looking to increase ROI
  • They are looking to increase social media followers or newsletter subscribers
  • They want to drive foot traffic in-store
  • They want a special campaign setup eg. A sale or Black Friday
  • They want to drive more sales
  • They have tracking issues
  • People want to do paid advertising to help with their organic listings

While eating our lunch:

  • Our campaigns are split with specific goals in mind. ROI campaigns are targeted and measured differently to awareness campaigns.
  • We understand that all forms of marketing working together (trending word is Omnichannel) and we understand how your paid media campaigns fit into these unique paths to purchase.
  • We understand that Brick & Mortar campaigns needed to be treated differently to Online Sales campaigns. We ensure that we have separate strategies in place for these.
  • Our team has been working with advanced tracking for many years. We have become the go-to company for troubleshooting and implementing tracking solutions.


Case Studies

You don’t necessarily need to have a payment gateway system in place to fall into this category. If you’re an online store specialising in online sales directly to consumer, then best you check out Shelflife – E-commerce B2C. Maybe your business specialises in sales through your online store to businesses. Then we encourage you to click on Lamica – E-commerce B2B.

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