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In case you missed our November intro post, our new theme for the month is Digital Marketing Trends 2019. It is a well known fact that the digital industry is constantly evolving at super speed with new technologies and innovations. It may seem daunting to try and keep up, but in this industry, you have no choice but to do just that! With the end of 2018 fast approaching, we thought we’d get a head start on 2019 and let you know the latest trends to lookout for come next year.

Keen to take a glimpse into the future of digital?

Let’s take a look at what 2019 has in store for us:

WhatsApp Ads
Yup, that’s right. WhatsApp is going to start advertising through it’s platform. Don’t worry it won’t be disruptive or interrupt your chats. Ads will be displayed in the ‘Status’ section of the app.
This is a really great opportunity for businesses to reach people on WhatsApp, seeing as it is one of the the most popular forms of communication where people connect on a daily basis. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, and it’s likely the ads will use Facebook’s system.

Ok, so they already exist, but come 2019 they will become the new norm. People like to research and they want the information they need as quickly as possible, this is where the bots come in. A bot is a computer program that automates certain tasks, typically by chatting with a user through a conversational interface.They offer a personalised service to any customer in need, any time and can provide answers quickly. Chatbots can be integrated with a website, an application, or even with a social media platform. They can also gather user information that you could then use at a later stage to create tailored marketing strategies.

Voice Search

No, we are not referring to looking for your voice after a night out singing at your local karaoke bar. You know Siri, or Alexa, yes? We’re talking about when you use your actual voice to perform a search instead of manually typing something into your browser. Voice recognition technology is only going to grow and improve, so it’s a good idea to wrap your head around voice search and to tailor your marketing strategy accordingly.


Augmented and Virtual Realities offer brands massive opportunities when it comes to customer experience. Both technologies encourage engagement whereby customers have an opportunity to become part of the experience and to interact with a brand in ways they haven’t before,  bringing the real world into a digital reality. This will add value to the sales and marketing process in terms of attracting and converting people through these active and visual encounters with a brand or product.

Machine Learning
So this is already hip and happening. “What is it?”, you may ask. You can check out our blog post covering the topic. We predict that machine learning will continue to grow with new and innovative uses in 2019 with further evolution of human and machine interaction. An example of ML at work: ZARA uses machine learning to help you find the right size to purchase.


With all these continuous developments and advancements in technology, we think it’s safe to say that marketing in 2019 is going to be Customer Centric and about providing the best experience possible.


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