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As our path to purchase is longer for a business-to-business transaction (when we compare it to retail or other business-to-consumer transactions) we need to consider our approach when it comes to marketing. Here are a few tips we have learnt from running campaigns and investigating some amazing B2B companies.

WHO becomes a priority

  • When looking at our B2B data we notice that there is more attention given to WHO the company & TEAM is. We see this through website behaviour as your ABOUT US (and similar pages) become a popular page that is navigated to. 

  • We also have noted within our own business that prospects like to connect on platforms like LinkedIn and not with our Company Page but rather with the individual.

Show your expertise

On that note, LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your expertise in your industry. It doesn’t need to be as daunting as it sounds. Yes, Gary Vee speaks about 80 interactions per day (I tried this, I eventually only managed 12) and you might not have the time to write an essay.

But it’s actually a lot simpler than this.

Here is a breakdown of how I have been running my LinkedIn profile:

  • Connect with people in my industry and other business owners. I generally keep this to individuals from SA.
  • Comment on other people’s posts. Here it could be a “well done on your achievement” or when it’s called upon, offer my expertise.
  • When I find a cool new tool or article, I don’t keep it to myself. Rather share it with your network. Yes, your competitors may see it but you are the one that is credited with sharing the knowledge first.
  • Write an original post or article. This one is a bit more daunting but I try to make an effort to share some expertise once a week. This will be something that showcases our skillset at Metis. Once out I make sure to answer everyone that comments on the post and thank those that share it.

The above does take some time. I give myself 1 hr of LinkedIn time per day, and generally, it will be before or after my workday. Basically, it has replaced my previous Facebook meandering around time. 😉


  • We have seen amazing results from clients of ours that have been putting out video. The videos are generally self-made of themselves sharing some insights (again showcasing their expertise).

  • You don’t need high class equipment. A smart-phone and a microphone for sound are perfect.

  • We boost these on YouTube & Social Media (very cheap to do) and follow it up with a Remarketing Campaign, showcasing banners to those people that have watched the video. For some clients, we are starting to see more leads coming in like this as opposed to Google Search.

B2B marketing is an interesting beast. It takes commitment and playing a long-term game. It is about showcasing your expertise and remaining top of mind, so that when your ideal client is ready for your solution you will be the FIRST PERSON that pops into their mind.

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